Tuesday, October 4, 2016

I Need More Eggs

We walked up to the freezing cold gigantic dairy section at Costco and Randy asks, "How many eggs?"  The last time we got a 36 pack they somehow disappeared.  As I was standing there thinking about my cooking plans he jokingly said, "If we get more than 36 you'll be cooking for the whole neighborhood." [Insert giggles].   He's right and I was proud.  That one statement showed me that he saw my heart.  He saw how I showed my love to our family and our community.

I love feeding people.  It sounds so silly but it's true.  When I read 1 Kings 19 I got the warm fuzzies because the story reminded me that God can use any act of service including what I create in the kitchen to minister.  He can use these treats to show people they are loved, important, and cared for.  Who doesn't love a little something sweet or salty or savory or down right delicious?! 

1 Kings 19 is a short story but let me give you the run down.  Elijah was running from Queen Jezebel because she wanted to kill him.  Actually, she said that by the next day he would be killed.  SO, he runs and runs and runs into the wilderness until he is physically and emotionally exhausted.  He's afraid and so distraught he even asks God to take his life.  Instead, God sends him an angel.  The angel doesn't do any cool miracle, no healing, bright lights, no glitter, nothing supernatural.  The angel  does something so simple..... cooks him food, gives him water and lets him rest [1 Kings 19:6-9].  That's right ladies, all this weary man needed was a hot meal, some water, and lots of rest!  

I love to cook, bake, host and give people a place to rest.  When I read this story it was like God telling me, you may think what you do is little but I take your little gift and show my love to them through it.  It's amazing what a little thoughtfulness and delicious goodness can do for a tired and weary soul. I know because I've also been on the receiving end of meals that have been gifted to me. 

Do you see where I am going with this?!   It seems like a small menial task.... cooking but I'm convinced the saying food is good for the soul comes from this story.  God showed me that my little passion for cooking can do more than nourish a belly he can use it to nourish a soul.  You may not like to bake, cook, or host but you have a gift too.  You have a small little something that God wants to use to show people his love. He can use your words of encouragement to be an angel and lift another persons soul.  Are you a hugger?  A crazy text person? That hug, the note or text of appreciation can turn an awful day to a bright one.  Your love for kids can bless a mom who needs an extra hand.  Whatever your little passion is God can use it to nourish a soul. 

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